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Welcome to the Council’s new website!

CUWCC is a partnership of water suppliers, environmental groups, and others interested in conserving California’s greatest natural resource - WATER.

Are we in a Drought?

See what DWR and our member agencies say...

Updated Study on GPCD Weather Normalization Compliance with the MOU

This paper develops a methodology for weather normalizing agency-level production data, required for verifying compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding under the GPCD Compliance Option. It may also be useful for testing compliance with the SBx7-7 legislation, although this new legislation has many more components which will be more fully developed in the future by the California Department of Water Resources.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Task Force

The CII Task Force is convening to develop alternative Best Management Practices for CII. For information, see CII Task Force Web page.

DWR and Task Force to Present Water Conservation Measures for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Water Users

The Department of Water Resources and the Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Task Force, following SBX7-7, are releasing alternative water conservation measures to reduce urban demand. The proposed alternative "best management practices" (BMPs) are intended to guide water users in how to operate more efficiently in order to better conserve water.  Read More...

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Save Water, Smart Rebates Available!

Participating utilities click HERE
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